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    Fig Authentic: Byron Bush

    Byron Bush is one of those warm and captivating people you feel like you have known forever the minute you meet him. A native from Ellicott City, MD, but longtime Aikenite since his family moved here in 1989, Byron is a true master of all trades.

    With a degree in accounting from South Carolina State University, he has held positions in business development at companies of both local and nationwide scope, including Aiken Personnel Services, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, and Empowered Global Solutions. In tandem with his business career, Byron’s sports background has also enabled him to work as a football coach in Aiken County Public School District. Over the last eight years, he has further risen as a prominent figure in Aiken’s recreation scene with Bright & Bold Entertainment, “a peaceful and positive entertainment company” he founded to provide DJ, emcee, sound, event management, and other entertainment services in Aiken and surrounding areas.

    Byron opened yet another business branch in 2016 to further support Aiken’s small-business community. “I’m happy and thankful for every person and experience I’ve encountered my entire career and life,” says Byron. “I believe it takes more than one person to accomplish anything of great measure. It takes more than me to make more than me, which is why B&B Network’s mission is to be an association of all the people and establishments I’ve met that are respectfully working together to create and develop business, wealth, and leadership.”

    Byron’s latest entrepreneurial venture is BNB Solutions, a service he just started to provide comprehensive and tailored strategies for personal and professional development in Aiken. “In order to help others, I need to also help myself,” he elaborates. “The idea behind BNB is simply being better: at life, at business, at progression, at accomplishing goals, and helping others do the same. Helping create vision, standards, and a protocol of actions and characteristics for accomplishing goals and objectives.”

    Outside of work, Byron’s passion for service reflects in the various seats he takes as board member and fellow associate of local nonprofits, including UofSC Aiken’s Inclusion Advisory Council, Education Matters, Aiken Center for the Arts, Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness, Paladin Productions, and Georgia Cyber Center. He also loves enjoying a staycation at The Willcox and shopping for different styles of hats and other accessories in downtown Aiken.

    For 2021, Byron wishes nothing but to work and get better every day as a community. “My mission now is to progress personally and professionally and to help others do the same,” he adds. “I also want to create a peaceful and positive environment in all I do. Let’s engage, work together, and support each other’s progress and success. We are better together!”