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    Find Yourself at Aiken Center for the Arts

    From a robust shop bursting with beautiful art, jewelry, pottery, and more featuring local Aiken and Augusta artists to the incredible exhibitions in the gallery and the unique visual and performing classes, Aiken Center for the Arts provides an inspiring experience for all ages to enjoy. They believe that art is for everyone and with that belief, they have built a community hub of creative expression and appreciation that goes beyond to inspire, educate, and connect artists, students, residents, and visitors.
    Inside their gallery, you’ll find three galleries. The Main Gallery highlights a variety of artists throughout the year and each new exhibition includes a gallery reception to welcome and introduce the new artwork the community. The Brooks Gallery and the School Gallery compliment the Main Gallery with a variety of artwork from professional and local student artists.
    The art classes are truly for our entire community—they believe in working to meet the needs of our community from young children through adults, including children and adults who use art to connect on a deeper level. Aiken Center for the Art offers an Art and Music Camp for Special Needs Children with a goal to provide a creative outlet designed to allow these children the opportunity to have a successful, joyful art experience. They also offer a program called Joy in the Journey, which connects local residents living with Alzheimer’s disease with a therapist who will work with them to create their own paintings.
    Be sure to visit The Gallery Shop for locally handcrafted artistic pottery, baskets, and clothing that will is as eye catching as it is functional. It’s a unique gift shop that has something for everyone. The pieces are curated from both local and international artists and the vast array of pieces appeal to a wide variety of tastes and budgets. As a bonus, each purchase made in The Gallery Shop goes right back into our own art community in Aiken.
    Fall 2019 Classes Start September 9!
    Expand your artistic abilities with classes at Aiken Center for the Arts. Classes are offered for both children and adults, and cover a variety of topics. Visit to learn more about classes offered this fall.