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    Racing with the Thoroughbreds

    Photo: APGougePhotography
    When the sun begins to peek up over the horizon and before the early morning dew has evaporated from the grass, the cars start to roll into Aiken Horse Park. They’ll park one by one along the railway and begin to unload. Whether it’s simply a grill, a cooler, and a chair or something more elaborate involving a canopy tent, color schemes, and monogrammed drinkware, each parking spot transforms into somebody’s ideal version of a tailgate. Drinks are poured, food is served, and neighbors begin socializing together at one of Aiken’s most time-honored events: the Aiken Steeplechase.
    Held twice a year—the Imperial Cup in March and the Holiday Cup in October—the Aiken Steeplechase’s history dates back nearly 90 years ago when the first steeplechase was held in Hitchcock Woods along the Aiken Hounds draglines. Since then, it has developed into one of the largest community events that attract everyone from local residents to visitors from all around the country. Those that come into the city for the Steeplechase leave a big impact when they do—by visiting our local restaurants, shops, and hotels, they positively affect our local economy.
    How are you preparing for the social event of the season this October?
    Event & Website
    October 26th
    Interesting Facts
    Founded in 1930 by some of Aiken’s most well-known horseman including Thomas Hitchcock, Temple Gwathmey, and Harry Worchester Smith, the Aiken Steeplechase Association was revived in 1967 and has been continuing the legacy of steeplechasing in Aiken for over half a century since then.
    Steeplechase Fashion
    For the kids: Pitter Patter
    For the ladies: Menagerie
    For the gentlemen: Lionel Smith, Ltd.
    Set The Table
    Dishes & Drinkware: 3 Monkeys Fine Gifts
    Tailgate Bites: Blue Collard Catering
    Lunch: The Willcox