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    Highlight: Apizza di Napoli

    Craving a true, authentic Neapolitan pizza but not up for the transatlantic flight to Italy to order it at a local Italian pizzeria? You’re in luck—locally owned Apizza di Napoli’s dishes will make you feel like you’ve traveled to Italy without ever leaving Aiken.
    Apizza di Napoli owner and pizza enthusiast, Cliff Garzillo, has a commitment to providing not just the best, but the most authentic Neapolitan pizza in South Carolina. For over two decades, he honed his craft in his own home. He built a brick oven in his backyard and spent his days studying, making, testing, and perfecting his pizza recipes. The recipes were outstanding but Cliff knew that he wanted to learn the art behind the Neapolitan pizza and to do that, he would need to travel. He traveled across the globe to Italy where he would be able to expand his education and experience. Once there, he received extensive training and became a certified pizzaiolo.
    Back at home in the United States, Cliff and his wife Wanda opened up a pizzeria of their own where they were able to bring our town its first taste of a true Neapolitan pizza. They use only the finest ingredients—some of which are imported straight from Italy—to craft their delicious pizzas. Each pizza is hand tossed and made to specification before being placed in the brick oven for baking. Their oven was shipped over from Italy and each pizza cooks in just 90 seconds!
    Their dedication doesn’t just stop with the ingredients and the authentic brick oven. Apizza di Napoli was honored with the prestigious and distinct Certification of True Neapolitan Pizza from the Association Versace Pizza Napoletana in Naples Italy. This means that each pizza that bakes in their brick oven is made under the strict guidelines set forth by the Association and is true to the pizza of Naples.
    Discover the delightful, authentic tastes of a true Neapolitan pizza right here in Aiken this fall.