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    Gettin’ saucy with it

    Known as “The Sauce,” its beginnings are as simple and humble as its name.

    Donald Waters can recall back to his childhood in Beech Island, SC, where his father, Jack, first taught him how to make his famous recipe for BBQ sauce in their home kitchen. Each fall, when it came time for the Waters Family Reunion, Jack would bring out the big pot, mix together all of the ingredients, and set it to simmer on the stove as it filled the house with a delicious aroma. It was then poured into ketchup bottles and a sharpie was used to label it: The Sauce.

    Bottles of it would disappear at family reunions and friends were happily taking any extra bottles that were available. The demand for The Sauce was higher than the supply! Everyone loved it, and everyone asked Donald if he would ever sell or market The Sauce.

    In 2016, Donald decided that it was time. Donald made a big batch of The Sauce, his son created the website, and they started giving away bottles to see what would happen. The response was overwhelming! It has been a family affair since the beginning, with two of Donald’s sons, an uncle, and close friends making up The Sauce Team.

    Today, the Waters Family tradition lives on—Donald now markets and sells The Sauce throughout our state. With a variety of flavors—Original, Beech Island Gold, Bold, and Mama’s Favorite—you can find a version of The Sauce that will perfectly match with every meal. It truly is an “everything” sauce and you can enjoy it on any type of meat. Pork, chicken, turkey, shrimp… you name it!