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    Creating Community While Social Distancing

    Ah, springtime in Aiken.


    It’s a time of year where we are all used to getting out of our houses and participating in the myriad of fun events happening around town. From the Aiken Steeplechase to the Horse Show in the Woods, The Masters, Easter Sunday at our churches, Thursday evenings in The Alley, and more, springtime is always a busy, social season around Aiken.


    As Aiken, along with the rest of the world, fights to stop the spread of COVID-19, it means that our spring social calendars are a lot less full than they would normally be this time of year. We’re all practicing our safe social distancing and with the order from Governor McMaster this week, most of us are staying very close to home these days. It’s a hard time for everyone as we adjust to this new normal, especially as Easter Sunday approaches and the physical distance from extended family is even more pronounced.


    There are still some great ways to bring Easter and spring cheer into your home this weekend and ways that you can connect with your family and community! We have seen some incredibly unique ways and we’re excited to participate in a few of them ourselves this weekend.


    • Buy Your Easter Dinner: many local restaurants and catering companies are offering Easter dinner specials for order this week. Take advantage of having a scrumptious meal for your family without having to spend your Sunday cooking it! Check in with places like The Willcox, Blue Collard, and more for their menus and get your orders in today.
    • Worship with Your Congregation Facebook has made it so easy for you to gather with your church congregation any day, but especially so on Easter Sunday. You’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite Easter hymns, your community, and an uplifting message in a time that we could all use it.
    • Use Facebook to Connect with Your Community: start a group on Facebook for your friends or family to join as a way to easily stay in touch with one another! You can post messages, photos, and videos and share the things that are bringing a smile to you this season.
    • Put Together Easter Baskets: lots of local retail shops are putting together the perfect Easter basket for their customers! From children’s boutiques like Pitter Patter to places like 3 Monkeys, A Fox’s Tale, Caroline’s, and The Willcox, you can call, give your preferences, and let these local businesses find just the right items for your Easter baskets this year.
    • Set Up a Virtual Family Dinner: just because your family can’t be there in person doesn’t mean they can’t be there through technology! Set up your phone or your laptop and check in with your family this weekend. We know they’ll be happy to see your face!
    • Set the Table: no Easter table is complete without a beautiful floral arrangement. Order one from a local florist, like Katherine by Design, and add it to your table. You can even take a walk outside in the yard with your kids to pick a few flowers to make an arrangement on your own!
    • Shop for Your Easter Sunday Attire: Easter Sunday Family Selfie, anyone? Brighten up your closet with a brand new springy outfit for your Easter family picture at the house this year. We love the spring lines that we’re seeing at Pitter Patter, Lionel Smith Ltd, Beyond Bijoux, and more!


    Happy Easter, Aiken! Stay safe and keep washing your hands!