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    Fresh Face: Aimee Hanna with Aiken Senior Life Services

    Three years ago, Executive Director of Aiken Senior Life Services, Aimee Hanna, and her family moved to South Carolina and, now, she finds herself very much at home, serving her community in a very altruistic way.


    “Aiken is a very giving, compassionate community,” said Aimee. “I knew there would be an opportunity for me one day to use my time and talents in some noble endeavor. I just didn’t know it would involve our seniors!”


    She’s found her home at Aiken Senior Life Services over the last year and has dedicated her time and her talents to serving the seniors in our community well. Aiken Senior Life Services is a non-profit agency, celebrating nearly 50 years of programming to help seniors age gracefully at home. Their nutritional, recreational, socialization, and transportation services are designed to support the independence, health, and well-being of our community’s aging population.


    The timing of her arrival to Aiken Senior Life Services could not have been more perfect. Aimee arrived on the job three months prior to the onset of the COVID pandemic. “Clearly, the Lord’s hand was in this!” Aimee said. “The demand for meals from additional homebound seniors rocketed upward nearly overnight—resulting in our agency creating 17 new meal routes, feverishly recruiting additional volunteers to deliver these meals, and creating a ‘telephone chain’ to provide wellness checks on our seniors. Our agency went from serving 7,400 meals to seniors in February to 12,400 meals by the end of July. Clearing these hurdles and meeting these needs was a monumental effort.”


    Our community’s aging population has been the most vulnerable group during the pandemic, and Aiken Senior Life Services has provided more than just a hot, nutritious meal each day. The beauty of the program is that seniors receive daily social interaction with caring volunteers and staff to ensure they remain cognitively fit and vibrant.

    This holiday season, consider volunteering your time with Aiken Life Services or making a donation to help support their efforts to serve our seniors well.


    “We are always looking for more volunteers, especially now that our meal routes have expanded to accommodate the increased need for meals,” Aimee said. “Visit our website to obtain a volunteer application. There are also opportunities to donate—a mere $800 can feed one senior a hot, well-balanced meal for an entire year! Our volunteers are the very backbone of our organization. Without these incredibly compassionate, giving individuals, our agency would not be so successful.”